Fields of Action


Focused on the digital revolution on mobility, we are delivering unique and exclusive solutions to our customers to burst into the digital revolution


Industrial companies have not embraced yet the Industry 4.0 revolution: there is still huge room for improvement of productivity, competitiveness through objective in-real time data.


Trace and control in-real time the logistical operations, guarantee the supply without breaking the inventory cycle while keeping the standards and optimizing the routes.


Boost your productivity with Precision Agriculture solutions. Increase the crop volume and quality by controlling in real-time the farms with objective information.


Explore how an innovative e-Health Whatsapp-based ChatBot can help medical professionals and end-users to track and record health related activites.


The addition of cutting-edge engineering and Connectivity-related solutions into pharmaceutical products has helped our clients to enhance their product with technology.

OTC Engineering

OTCengineering is a technological company with a high-tech value and innovative DNA that has been delivering connectivity solutions to different fields of Automotive, Mobility, Industry 4.0, Pharma and eHealth for more than 10 years. #Digitalization #IoT #Connectivity #BigData #DataAnalytics #AI.

Our Focus

Focused on the digital revolution, we are delivering exclusive and unique solutions to our customers to burst into the digital revolution, to engage directly with its customers and generate new premium services by tackling better their specific needs.

We provide cutting-edge solutions to create powerful solutions for our customers to connect, engage and empower end-users by delivering personalized experiences.

Allowing our customers to increase the ROI during the whole life of their products and services while generating new models of business streams.

The Digitalization Challenge

OTCEngineering aims to tackle the digitalization needs of our customers, focusing on the current challenge that already all sectors have to face; to transition from their traditional business model to new sustainable and profitable models where the customers become the centre of the business.


We firmly believe that any brand must take a shift from their product centric approach and try to engage more with their customer while satisfying their new digital needs.


This will be done through the implementation of a customer-centric approach, providing the end-user with meaningful experiences in order to engage, retain and convert them into valuable assets.

Company Overview

2 locations in the hearth of technology in Spain (Barcelona+Girona) + 1 India (Gurgaon, Delhi).

Expertise in: Connectivity, Digitalization, IoT, AI, Big Data and Data Analytics

In-house capability for design & development:

Product Development (HW+SW), Cloud, Smartphone, CyberSecurity.