Connected Vehicle Technology that extends the vehicle ROI


Connected Vehicle Technology that allows to OEM to connect their vehicle in real-time with the Cloud and the APP in order to start delivering connected digital services to the end-user, transforming the car into an ultimately digital gadget that starts bringing “connected” business throught the entire vehicle life.

Cloud-based technology for continuous deployment of automotive connected services

Automotive compliant

Cybersecurity readiness

Quality Assurance


Connect all vehicles: on the road, in production and future vehicles

Know better and segment your clients, how they use the product and communicate directly to them.

Improve internal operational efficency through objective market and vehicle data

Generate brand value and increase loyalty toward the brand.

Create new business streams and added-value services for the clients.

Empower and sell digital services in an innovative and effective way

Create new services, specially dedicated and personalized for the different segments

Communicate with your clients through a unique powerful channel.

Cross-Platform Approach

Integral solution that encomprasses three digital layers: Car Connectivity devices, IoT Platform, Data Treatment algorithms and customer-centric Digital Services.


Data-Driven Monetization Opportunities:


Premium digitial services for which allows end-user to save time and cost

Customer-Centric services for brand engagement

Data-Driven digital services for monetization

Operational Efficency

Vehicle Health Management

Predictive Maintenance

Spare parts production and distribution opimization

Better data for R&D


Car Rentals

Car Sharing

Commercial Vehicles

Renting and Leasing