Car-Sharing Management Platform


Car-Sharing Management Platform

PaaS Solution

This is a Platform as a Service solution which allows the fleets manage seamlessly their car-sharing services.

End-to-End Connected Platform

With our IoT technology and Connectivity ecosystem, you can directly communicate with each of the cars through our modular and scalable platform and start creating new revenue streams from Connected Fleets.


Car booking App

User-Friendly app for booking and billing of the trip and that serves as a Digital Key to start and end the journey.

Digital Key

End-User can instantly lock and unlocks the vehicle with a keyless system.

Smart Analytics

Recognize similar patterns in cities to support strategic decisions and create different client’s profiles public segments and through statistics.

Rent costs calculation

Input the variables that affects the final pricing and create different pricing options for the trips with the possibility to change in-real time depending on the demand.

Activity tracking in-real time

Geo-Locate, monitor and track your vehicles in-real time.

Customer Management

Manage payments, users and pricing from one direct point.

Reports for accounting

Automated billing, personalized billing and trips and customer data tailored for business accounting.

Lock Status and Security

Remote vehicle immobilization and security.

Advanced AI

Prediction models to optimize supply and demand and vehicle availability.


Possibility to power car-sharing, micro-mobility and corporate fleet.


The platform supports billing and tracking for subscription programs; enhance and scale your business with subscription-based car-sharing models.

Alerts & Notifications

Receive important alerts and notifications about your vehicle status, billing information, car statistics, maintenance and much more.

Payment Gateways

Quick and seamless payment gateway process to complete the billing process.

Solution Benefits

Benefits for the brand

Exclusive Digital Keyless Sytem

Deploy exclusive digital keyless entry systems on your renting process for any OEM with KeySys in the market & in a secured environment by using OEM original KeySys + Cloud Secured Environment.

Expand your operations on 24/7 basis without dedicated staff

Increase your business potential while decreasing your operational dependence on physical offices and front desk personnel.

Boost the ROI

Boost your ROI by shortening your turnaround time and enhancing productivity thanks to higher vehicle turnover.

Benefits for the end-user

Seamless procedure

Satisfy demand for making the car rental process touchless by seamless and digital car access experience for the user.

On-Demand Model

Empower the “on-demand” model by allowing the user to access the car from anywhere and anytime within seconds.

Digital Process

Making the process completely digital, allowing exchange of documents, payment information, preferences etc. in a paperless way.