End-to-End Connectivity Technology that extends the vehicle ROI

ConnecTech is a connected vehicle technology that allows to OEM to connect their vehicles in real-time with the Cloud and the APP in order to start delivering connected digital services to the end-user, transforming the car into an ultimately digital gadget that starts bringing “connected” business throught the entire vehicle life.

Key Figures of our connectivity solutions based on ConnecTech

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    monthly engagement with end-users

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    profit generation per month per user

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    APP rating in ASEAN region

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    retention & loyalty increase

Cross-Platform Approach

Integral solution that encomprasses three digital layers: Car Connectivity devices, IoT Platform, Data Treatment algorithms and customer-centric Digital Services.

Data-Driven Monetization Opportunities

ConnecTech impacts directly in the 3 major verticals of every mobility business: B2B, B2C & Operational Efficiency.

And allows the OEMs to explore monetization opportunities in:


Premium digitial services for which allows end-user to save time and cost

Customer-Centric services for brand engagement

Data-Driven digital services for monetization

Operational Efficiency

Vehicle Health Management

Predictive Maintenance

Spare parts production and distribution opimization

Better data for R&D


Car Rentals

Car Sharing

Commercial Vehicles

Renting and Leasing

ConnecTech Ecosystem

OTC Engineering has developed a unique ecosystem of Connectivity that embraces the digital transformation through Connected Digital Services.

This ecoystem leverages ConnecTech: a proprietary, flexible and modular connectivity technology which allows the OEMs to generate additional revenues streams by digitalizing their vehicles with connected digital services and creating unique digital experiences for the end-user.

To explore more about the solutions that are based in ConnecTech technology, please visit the following solutions: