Container Tracing Solution

Transportation and logistics.

In a globalized world of commerce, guaranteeing quality of perishable goods shipped by sea is essential.

Safety Assurance

Our solution provides remote temperature monitoring and environment control for container shipping customers. This helps the companies to reduce product waste and maintaining an after the fact tracking history in the case of any misadventure, for example with the shipping or insurance companies.

Objective Monitoring

The solution monitors the main aspects of the shipping process from the moment the container is sealed until it safely arrives in its destination. This includes both the quality and the security assurance metrics not only related to temperature but also with light and the humidity that impact directly on the lifecycle of the perishable products.



Alerts and Notifications

Get instant alerts with any irregular event regarding temperature, light and humidity levels.

Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor and gain objective information about the environment that affects your cargo such as temperature, light and humidity.


With this information in hand, the platform elaborates reports and statistics based on the historic data and allows after the fact checking of products.

Solution Benefits

Objective Information

Obtain objective information about the factors relative to the temperature inside the container and other variables such as humidity and lighting. In this way, companies can get objective data of the cold chain process for perishable products, as well as making reports and keeping historical data regarding temperature.

Quality and Security Tracking

Record and register all the important data related to quality and security and protect your responsibilities in front of misadventures. For example, demonstrate to the maritime company failures in the cooling system of the refrigerated container and other technical failures which aren’t under your responsibility.