Smart eHealth Management


This is a e-Health solution that allows the users to track and record all their activity related to their health.

Track and Record the Activity

Allows the users to track and record all their activity related to physical health, mental health, nutrition, physical rest and physical activity within the app and showcases the global health status of the end-users.


Could also be used by medical professionals to do digital check-ups of the user’s health status. All the saved personal medical information can be easily shared with medical professionals when seeking any type of professional service, for example with personal trainers to enhance physical strength.

Smart ChatBot

To record this information in seamless way, the App integrates a personal assistant in the form of a chatbot that also guides the user to pursue health-friendly activities such as diet or physical activity. Some of the data can be putted manually or tracked by telematics in order to later be processed and analyzed by the personal assistance, a complex AI system that tracks the activities and personalizes the user experience by recommending activities to the user needs and situation.


Personal Health Assistance

A chatbot that eases the data entry of the daily activities (physical health, mental health, nutrition, physical rest and physical activity) and recommends healthy habits to the end-user according to their needs and situation.

Professional Health Services

The end-user can seek professional service and share their current health status with medical professionals to accelerate the health history process with more objective data. Also, depending on the end-user needs, he can contact the professional services of trainers within the activities that they want to improve.

Personal Medical History

Records and tracks all the global health activity of the end-user and prepares a medical report that can be used by the health professionals.


The platforms integrate an exclusive marketplace for products and professional services that can be recommended and personalized to the end-user using his data to determine his needs and best fits.

Data Analytics

With the combination of this information, the AI prepares a global health status about the user and provides him tools to analyses different key metrics such as happiness, calories ingested, physical performance, etc.

Real-Time Data Tracking

Tracks the physical activity in-real time and enables to generate physical touch points without the need of entering the data manually

Solution Benefits

Smooth data-entry

The chatbot allows to entry the crucial data-points in a smooth way as it basically guides the end-user to enter this data.

Insightful Dashboard

The dashboard created for medical professionals and trainers allows the visualization of all the crucial health points in a seamless and integral way.

Centralization of information

Track and record all the crucial information related to the physical health, mental health, nutrition, physical rest and physical activity in one place and get the information ready in any moment if needed by health professionals.

Added-Value Services

Users can gain access to exclusive marketplace products and seek professional services within the platform and get advice according to their needs.

Communication through Whatsapp

The communication with the chatbot is done by using Whatsapp as this is one of the most easoest and direct ways to engage with the end-users.