Smart Farm Solution


Smart Farm Management is a solution based on Agriculture 4.0 fundamentals and aims to improve the crop productivity with objectives and in-real data.


Smart Farm Management is a solution based on Agriculture 4.0 fundamentals and aims to improve the crop productivity with objective and in-real time data. Our solution is a complete system that connects the farm insights, soil & weather observations and decisions to one farm management platform.


The solution is based on data-driven farming approach that allows to optimize the farm management using objective ground data from both below and above of the ground; and to use this data in planning, managing, monitoring and marketing of the crops.


This is achieved through the implementation of the combination of OEE and AI algorithms that provides key information about environmental and soil conditions such as: Temperature, Humidity, Light, Weather, Water, Plant growth, CO2, Solar Radiation and Earth Nitrogen


Real-Time Monitoring

Monitor in-real time the farm activity and control the variables that impact directly to the plant’s growth.

Data Analytics

Provides the farming company tools to analyses quantitively the different metrics with the use of advanced statistics

Farm Management

Manage directly all the farm touch points and key variables within one platform.

Process Management

Control all the internal operation processes directly from the platform related communication, documentation, human resources and tasks.

Crop reports, insight and alerts

Receive insights, reports and alerts regarding the different phases of irrigation, crop growth and harvesting.

Solution Benefits


Increase the crop volume and quality by controlling in real-time the harvest process with objective information about the temperature, humidity, light, water and other environmental factors that impact on the plant’s health and growth.


Impact directly on crop’s quality by monitoring and detecting possible environmental threats and consider the actions to tackle this beforehand. Also, detect possible changes in the crop provoked for example by plagues and implement at right time the effective treatments.

Alerts & Notifications

Get instant alerts and notifications in case of misadventures or if something is not going according the plan.

Monitor soil conditions

Counter issues like power supply, oxygen level in the soil, weather, high humidity, level of nitrogen and other soil conditions.