Smart Forklift Management


Connect and manage in-real time your Forklift Fleet with our exclusive Smart Forklift Management solution

In-Real Time Objective Information

Solution allows the fleets to gain objective insights of your forklifts and improve their operational productivity by controlling and monitoring key metrics like availability, performance and quality of the logistics operations.

Streamlined Actions

Streamlining this way actions related to forklift access, check-list assurance, productivity and performance data monitoring.

Multiple Benefits

This objective information has a direct impact on reducing downtime, predicting equipment malfunction, calculating the daily operational costs and empowers efficient “in situ” decision making.



Forkflift Management

Manage your fleet in real-time and have full monitoring control and information regarding the logistics operations in an innovative and accurate way.

Real-Time Analysis

Have access to key insights about position, speed, IMU and Energy of the forklifts, allowing this way the real-time monitoring and management of the forklifts.


Calculates the productivity of the forklift’s operations through availability, performance and quality.

Alerts and Notifications

Receive important alerts and notifications about your fleet status, statistics, performance, misadventures, maintenance and much more.

Energy Saving

Optimize your logistics routes and improve fleet’s quality and performance to lower energy consumption.

Data Analytics

Analyze the different data and calculate your workers and forklifts working hours, performance, heatmaps and track their overall activities..

Predictive Maintenance

Reduce downtime and equipment failure with predictive maintenance AI algorithms.

Solution Benefits

Increase Productivity

Increase efficiency and operational performance with objective and in-real time information.

Decrease Operational Cost

Impact directly on the bottle necks and operation pain points by analyzing the data and calculating the productivity of the operations.

Effective Maintenance

Schedule maintenances at the optimal time through predictive maintenance algorithms to reduce equipment failure and downtime.

Improve Decision Making

Gain insightful information in-real time and detect possible variations from the standards for quick decision making.

Moderns and Responsive Dashboard

Monitor and control in real-time important parameters and variables with ease from Desktop or Phone.


The solution is deployed in a cyber-secured environment and the user access is granted through RFID and NFC-based identification systems.